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Dirt Bike
Ride your dirt bike on unusually challenging obstacle courses. Tip: Use space bar to try again.

Line Rider
Draw a course for your toboggan rider, then click play and watch the fun begin! Very unique and fun!

Ultimate Flash Sonic
A flash version of Sonic the Hedgehog! You can choose one of 4 characters to play with.

Pool Jam
Online billiards at its best! This smooth pool game features realistic english control. Highly Addictive!

A monkey throwing darts at balloons! If you love to pop stuff... this is your game!

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Game size: 202 KB
Game category: Sport
Game hits: 47480 clicks
Screen resolution: 640 x 530 pixels
Flash Roulette
Roulette is a casino and gambling game (Roulette is a French word meaning "small wheel"). A croupier turns a round roulette wheel which has 37 or 38 separately numbered pockets in which a ball must land. The main pockets are numbered from 1 to 3
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Game size: 67 KB
Game category: Sport
Game hits: 37759 clicks
Screen resolution: 624 x 464 pixels
It is a rather difficult play where you must eliminate the charts per pair by clicking dessus.Il is necessary for you to often make the good bus choice several pairs are possible and if remove bad that is likely to make you lose your partie.Le goal of the
Last played: 1 seconds ago
Game size: 1670 KB
Game category: Sport
Game hits: 41595 clicks
Screen resolution: 750 x 570 pixels
Anacroz Tactics
A wonderful real time strategy game like Age of Empire. You are taking the role of a general who is going to lead his troops on the combat frontline. The arrow keys are used to move the units of your army, the spacebar is used to attack the enemy troops,
Last played: 2 seconds ago
Game size: 785 KB
Game category: Sport
Game hits: 63280 clicks
Screen resolution: 600 x 450 pixels
A surf game, choose your character first and you need to make as many as possible figure in the air to make points.
Last played: 2 seconds ago
Game size: 439 KB
Game category: Sport
Game hits: 17157 clicks
Screen resolution: 550 x 350 pixels
Biz Wiz
A game of speed in which it is necessary to return currency to the customers. Initially to choose in which store one wants to work and then return a maximum of currency in a minimum of time and without being mistaken. Attention with the robber who grinds.
Last played: 2 seconds ago
Game size: 25 KB
Game category: Sport
Game hits: 70099 clicks
Screen resolution: 300 x 320 pixels
This is a puzzle game. You are on a plate of 64 boxes and you must move your rider according to the movement which it has with the failures. You must make the most displacements possible but you cannot turn over on a box or you were already. You play then
Last played: 2 seconds ago
Game size: 423 KB
Game category: Sport
Game hits: 21559 clicks
Screen resolution: 700 x 400 pixels
Grave Yard
A combat game between two skeletons. The game control and the principle are simple. You must put KO your adversary. Up key is used to jump, Down key to squat itself, Right and Left keys to move and O to give a kick and P to put a blow of fist.
Last played: 3 seconds ago
Game size: 606 KB
Game category: Sport
Game hits: 89095 clicks
Screen resolution: 600 x 500 pixels
Dinner Party Game
Position the guests around the table so that each adjacent sides have the same color, which makes the guest content. You pass to the following table (following level) when all the guests are content. Your table thus should well be organized. But attent