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Game description: Why are you died? In which circumstances? It is the goal of the play to discover that. A point & click game, of reflexion with much of interaction, primarily played with the mouse, the inventory in top on the left enables you to use the items collec
Game title: The Dead Case
Game size: 4118 KB
Game category: Adventure
Game hits: 29926 clicks
Screen resolution: 550 x 400 pixels

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You are taking the role of Zowie in this fantastic game, the goal of the game is to eliminate all the monsters in each level. Use the arrow keys to move Zowie, and press the spacebar to use magic on a monster, when the monster is transformed into a rock,
Arcane 7
Mystery is an extraordinary play in which you must help Ophelia Gregor Prescott and the barone to gather all the pieces of the demon and to help them to solve the mystery of Stone Circle in various episodes of this marvellous play of adventure and mystery
Castle Cat
This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet.
Curse of Waterdeep
You are playing the Curse of Waterdeep Fellowship of Kings, an adventure game like Zelda. First of all, you need to choose the class of your character, Warrior, Paladin or Scout, then move your character with the arrow keys, use your mouse to interact. Yo