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Game description: A skill testing game for all public. It is necessary to make your character to pass above the obstacles so that it can join the exit. It is enough for that to support at the good time on Espace. The obstacles being various sizes it is necessary to jump ea
Game title: Exit
Game size: 114 KB
Game category: Skill
Game hits: 90479 clicks
Screen resolution: 550 x 400 pixels

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Atom is exploring the deep core of our planet ! You need to use the left and right arrow keys to help him moving on the steps. There are different type of steps, you have to choose the save ones to put Atom on. You have only three lives, so three chances
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In this game, you have an eggs-box in front of you. It is empty. When you start to play, eggs do appear suddenly in the holes, randomized, and disappear almost immediatly! When they come up, you have to wak them with the hamer. For this purpose, you just
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It is a play where you must avoid the balls of fire as demons them during approximately a minute using the mouse giving the movements to the ange.A the end of ve level you have the privilege to reach has a level no-claims bonus or you must catch the maxim
In this game, you are a girl and you run on bridges above a town. These bridges are a maze and your goal is to get out. The sacks in this maze are done by holes in the bridges. I you do not stop on time, you fall down. In that case, you are sent back to t