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Game description: A 3 level gamein which you incarnated a robber of femous painting. To reach the painting it is necessary to find the good access code, for each test it is indicated to you if the code is a number higher or lower than that which you typed. It is necessary
Game title: Art Thief
Game size: 639 KB
Game category: Puzzle
Game hits: 36154 clicks
Screen resolution: 550 x 413 pixels

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Happy Pill
Why should only doctors get to spread all the joy? Place the happy pill to bounce un-healthy frowns up side down. If you touch to many times a frown, it will explode, so you must calculate well the way of the pill before launching it.
Hapland 3
This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet.
In the top left corner of the screen there will appear 16 small circles, either green or red. Your objective is to match the pattern shown on the main board by clicking the blue circles that are green on the template. Completing each level quickly gives m
Ball Puzzle
This is an amazing puzzle game. Your goal is to move the red dot into the green box. To do this, you need to use correctly the obstacles and the bricks, the difficulty will increase level by level.