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Game description: In this classic Tetris game, items of different shapes are falling down from the top of the image, one after the other. You have to move these items during their falling using the arrow keys to organise where it lands at the bottom of the image, in order
Game title: Tetris
Game size: 21 KB
Game category: Classic
Game hits: 38966 clicks
Screen resolution: 550 x 400 pixels

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Jurassic Pinball
This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet.
F1 Puzzle
This game is a puzzle of 20 pieces. You have to rebuild the picture of the F1 car that is shown to you at the begining. For that purpose, click on the pieces and drag and drop them to the position you want inside the frame. If you put a piece at its right
Crazy Snake
This is an original version of the classic Snake game, use the arrow keys to move the snake without touching your tail. All the bonuses are static, this seemed to be easy to play, but your will realize quickly that itís not true, this is really hard.
SNT Tris
Game of traditional Tetris played with keyboard. Right arrow and Left arrow to move the block; High arrow to rotate and Low arrow to go down. More you go far in the game more it accelerates. Good Luck.